Benchmarks of the new iMacs

Benchmark indicates that new iMacs bring great performance leap over previous ones [atualizado]

Just over a week ago, when Apple launched the new iMacs, she promised that they would be “up to 2x faster”. And, by the way, it was no joke.

a benchmark iMac19.1 appeared on Geekbench and its numbers are impressive: 6,314 On test single-core, 33,713 at the multi-core. Comparatively, the previous model (which headed the Geekbench table) scored 5,684 and 19,371, respectively, which indicates that the new model will bring performance jumps of around 11% and 74%.

Another curious comparison is with an iMac Pro, which was launched in 2017: the new “normal” iMac surpasses its single-core score (5,321) by 19% and is very close to its score multi-core (35,918).

Opera summary: the new iMacs may not have changed anything on the outside, but in terms of performance, at least, they will really look good with the new Intel Core i9 chip octa-core 3.6GHz.

via AppleInsider

Update Mar 29, 2019 at 10:04

Now that more iMacs are reaching consumers, Primate Labs – developer of Geekbench – has managed to compile a neat number of benchmarks to compare.

Here are the charts:

21.5 ″ iMac

Benchmarks of the new iMacs

Benchmarks of the new iMacs

In the new models with Intel Core i3 and i5 processors, the performance gain single-core stay at the 5-10%, while the multi-core varies 10% to 50%.

27 ″ iMac

Benchmarks of the new iMacs

Benchmarks of the new iMacs

In larger models, the gain single-core it’s from 6-11%, while the multi-core hits 43-49% in versions hexa-core and even 66% in versions octa-core.

All of these gains are due to higher frequencies and some models with more cores in their processors, since the architecture of the chips themselves has not changed this time.