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Belkin launches the first external battery recharged via Apple certified Lightning

I dream of the day when external batteries are a thing of the past in an ideal world, after all, no one will ever need to live in a constant state of worry (or, in some cases, extreme neurosis) because of something as basic as the battery of the your smartphone. While that wonderful day does not arrive, however, I will continue to applaud the manufacturers who are trying to make the experience of having a powerbank something is minimally easier.

THE BOOSTCHARGE Power Bank Lightning 10K (maybe it would be good to work better on that name), Belkin, it seems absolutely common at first, but it brings one of those cat jumps: instead of being charged by the indefectible (and horrible) Micro-USB port, like the vast majority, you can power your external battery using the same cable that charges your iPhone yes, it has an entry Lightning for self-reloading! It is, in fact, the first powerbank with Apple's MFi certificate that features a Lightning port for charging.

BOOSTCHARGE ™ Power Bank 10K with Lightning Connector

Apart from this special detail, the new Belkin accessory is exactly what we expect from an external battery: here we have a capacity of 10,000mAh and two USB ports; one charges at the highest rate of 2.1A, while the other serves for slower charges, 1A. We also have a button with LEDs indicating battery capacity, and Belkin still sells a dock for you to charge the accessory which, in my view, doesn’t make any sense because it removes all the appeal of the Lightning door but who am I to question, n ?!

With the approximate dimensions of an iPhone 8 Plus (only a lot thicker, in this case) and weighing 226 grams, the new external battery from Belkin is already in the pre-sale phase on the manufacturer's website in the USA, for $ 60; you can choose between white or black models. The official launch will take place in August. What about?

via Cult of Mac