Belkin External Battery Gives Apple Watch Extra 63h Life

After four generations it can be said that the battery of the Apple watch It has already reached acceptable levels: you can easily spend a whole day (or even longer) with the watch without giving you any signs of tiredness, which is the least expected of a device that literally lives in your body.

Still, some users will need to extend the life of the device: you will, for example, like to take long walks in the woods or simply spend a lot of time in places without outlets. For these and other occasions, the Belkin launched an accessory that solves all your problems.

O BOOSTCHARGE Power Bank 2K for Apple Watch It's a small, compact 2,200mAh external battery capable of giving Apple Watch up to 63 extra hours of life and is compatible with all watch sizes and generations. The top-loading charger surface and accessory can be used both on its feet and on its back, making it possible for Apple Watch to be used in its own way. Nightstand.

The external battery is recharged via a Micro-USB socket (with cable included in the box) and has four indicator lights on its side to indicate the charge level of the accessory at any time. Please note that the device only charges Apple Watch with no USB outputs or Qi surfaces to power any other devices.

BOOSTCHARGE Power Bank 2K for Apple Watch

BOOSTCHARGE Power Bank 2K for Apple Watch can be purchased from the Belkin website at $ 60. Who is going?

via AppleInsider