Believe me, group sues Apple for $ 999 billion over controversy over iPhones batteries

If you thought the politics started a few weeks ago, when users and experts found that Apple was deliberately and quietly slowing down the performance of older iPhones to preserve their power capacity, it would quickly dissipate, you are mistaken.

A series of class actions by users outraged by the news began to fall into the lap of Apple's legal department. We have already spoken of three, but apparently at least eight lawsuits have been filed by different groups in the United States. But the most recent of them draws attention to the value requested by users: $ 999 billion. You didn't read it wrong.

All complainants assume that Apple has compromised the performance of its iPhones without prior notice, so users have been forced to invest in new devices because of its conduct. That's why, they say, Apple has denied the use, usefulness and value of old iPhones, they say, is a crime.

Of course it will be a long time before any of these actions come to an end, but I can tell you right now that $ 999 billion, if not archived, would at least see that amount. significantly reduced over time. Otherwise, this lawyer can now get on the list of the richest people in the world first!

via iDownloadBlog