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The State is authoritarian, it totally controls people’s lives and surveillance is total. Your role is to manage a residential building, making the routine of all tenants as pleasant as possible. Simple? Not much. Our highlight of the day is Beholder, created by Creative Mobile staff.

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The above description actually hides its true mission:

The State has appointed you to SPY YOUR TENANTS! Their primary task is to sneak up on their tenants and listen to their conversations. You must IMPLEMENT LISTENING in their apartments when they are not at home, SCROLL your belongings for anything that might threaten state officials, and TRADE their PROFILE to your superiors. You must also COMPLAIN anyone who is capable of breaking the law or taking subversive action against state officials.

It will be up to you to decide what to do with the information obtained. Denounce a father and leave the child alone? Allow illegal activities to kick regular activities? Blackmail him to get some money for his family? Complicated choices with complicated results.

Check out a video of the game:

Enjoy the discount and good fun!

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