PSPgo is now official, will cost $ 250

Behold, the first images of the PSP Go!

and it looks a little bit like a mockup from time ago (but less chic, unfortunately). The culprits for this apparent breach of confidentiality are Sony's own online magazine Qore: whether it was really a problem or just a marketing ploy, we will never know. The fact is that images of the new PSP model were on a video scheduled to air in June, but that it could be downloaded by several magazine subscribers and, of course, everything ended up in a forum.

PSP Go 1

As you can see from the image above, the laptop is much smaller, thanks to the design slide-out, which hides the controls under the 3.8-inch screen (no resolution for now). Also part of the “weight loss program” (43% lighter!), The PSP Go will not have support for UMD discs, and should only accept games via download or Memory Stick Micro memory card. Of course, for that, it will also have 16GB of flash memory. In addition, it integrates with PlayStation Network and PS3, not to mention having Bluetooth forheadsets.

Oh, I almost forgot, the video:

(youtube) (/ youtube)

In case you're wondering why the Go looks so much like the PSP-3000, the simple answer: both will live together for a long time, on the shelves, as part of Sony's “10-year life cycle” policy. This new model did not come to replace the laptop, more or less as was the PSTwo (or slim) for the PlayStation 2, which is very good news for those who already have a unit. (Oh, and by the way, new Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid should be released for the yay platform!)

A good modernized in the style of the PSP, who knows even a good first step to confront the advances of Apple in this segment only that still did not make me want to have one. And did you like the novelty?

(Via: Engadget.)