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Beginning of the end? Apple v. Case Trial Qualcomm starts today

I offer you an exercise: let's go back in time, but precisely in early 2017. At that time, we were following the beginning of an unprecedented court battle for Apple against one of its hitherto faithful squires: the chipmaker Qualcomm.

If for some reason you are unaware of the case between the two technology giants, it is worth checking out our articles on the various stages of this imbroglio that has already involved consumers and other Apple vendors, in addition to banning gadgets from Ma in Germany for a while.

Tim cook vs. Steve Mollenkopf

Of course, an arm wrestling of this magnitude would marry side effects as unpleasant as the process itself, especially among the CEOs of the two giants. In this sense, the The Wall Street Journal published a report investigating not only the court battle, but the relationship between the chief executives.

According to WSJlast year the two met at Apple Park to discuss the rapidly escalating court battle. At that time Mollenkopf suspected that Ma supported Broadcom's attempt to buy the chip maker.

The report also recalls the beginning of the partnership between Apple and Qualcomm to manufacture the first iPhone, launched in 2007. At that time, the deal was made by former CEO and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who had a friendly relationship with Apple. then Qualcomm director Paul Jacobs. Initially, the deal was to pay $ 7.50 for Qualcomm iPhone.

However, when Cook became Apple's CEO in 2011, the tone of the negotiations changed and he pushed Ma's board to overhaul it. According to people familiar with the deals, Cook considered it "unfortunate" for Apple to pay Qualcomm more than any other iPhone licensee, which certainly didn't please the chipmaker.

Mollenkopf even tried to soften the public situation between the companies by stating that both were about to reach an agreement out of court. Apple, however, has challenged this information several times, leaving Qualcomm's CEO as the "nut" of this story.

Billionaire Process

The main case between Qualcomm and Apple will be tried this week and both company directors are expected to testify. The initial arguments began today in a San Diego court and, according to some rumors, Cook agreed to testify that he is "tremendously frustrated with Qualcomm's licensing practices."

Cook's level of attention to the process is directly proportional to the financial impact of this battle on Qualcomm's pockets, if it is determined that the manufacturer improperly charged royalties for your patents. More precisely, Apple and four of its top suppliers are jointly asking for $ 30 billion in damages and other payments from Qualcomm.

This makes the case among the technology giants the largest of its kind in the world, surpassing even the largest cases of previous patent and antitrust infringements, as reported by The Financial Times.

Qualcomm, on the other hand, denies the irregularities and demands $ 7 billion in late payments from Apple and its suppliers (which Ma was ordered to close), in addition to a $ 15 billion fine for damages.

In addition to the CEOs, the trial was attended by other big names from the Cupertino giant, including Apple COO Jeff Williams and Phil Schiller, senior vice president of global marketing at Ma.

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It remains for us to follow the course of the trial and to know, after all, who will be the accused of this story. We will, of course, inform ourselves as soon as the results of this court battle are released.

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