Before the Storm» will be released for Linux and macOS


The prelude to Square Enix’s (almost “cult”) game, “Life is Strange”, will be released for Linux and macOS this autumn, ported once again by Feral Interactive and made available through Steam.

The game «Life is Strange» was certainly one of the best and most exciting games I have ever been able to play on Linux. The game of choices determining the path the story will take is something that I really liked.

When I heard about the launch of prequel, telling the story that happens before the game itself my anxiety to play increased!

Unfortunately, in the day one the game was not available for Linux and macOS, to the point that I even forgot that I wanted to play it, but today I was surprised by an email from our friends at Feral Interactive stating that, in addition to “Rise of the Tomb Raider“, The next North American spring will also bring us“Life is Strange: Before the Storm“.

If you have never seen a gameplay of «Life is Strange» and do not know the proposal of the game very well, I invite you to watch what we did on the channel, check out:

If you liked the first video, know that we have a complete series resetting the first episode on the channel, just click here to access the playlist.

Like the first title, “Before the Storm”Is also divided into chapters and will be released for Linux and macOS with all of them ready, debugged and released. Currently the game is priced at R $ 44.99 on Steam with all episodes included and its version Deluxe, which delivers an extra episode, new clothes for the characters and some other extra details, costs around 65 reais.

The game

Life is Strange Before The Storm

Life is Strange: Before the Storm”Is a new story independent of the previous title, but that takes place in the same universe. It is divided into three parts, three years before the first game of the franchise. Franchise that won the award BAFTA including.

If in the previous game we played with Max, in this second title we played with her best friend, Chloe Price, a 16 year old girl who makes an unexpected friendship with Rachel Amber, a beautiful and popular girl and we started to understand what happened to the main character before Max’s arrival.

When Rachel discovers a family secret that threatens to destroy her world, it is the new friendship with Chloe that gives her the strength to move on. Now together, the girls need to confront each other’s demons and find a way to overcome them.

The main highlights of the game, according to the developers, are:

ꔷ Narrative adventure influenced by choices and consequences;

ꔷ Alternative endings that vary according to your decisions;

ꔷChat-mouth system – A risk / consequence conversation mode that allows Chloe to use her sharp tongue to tease or convince other characters;

ꔷ Graffiti walls to leave “our mark”;

ꔷ Choose Chloe’s clothes and cause different reactions in the other characters;

ꔷ Striking soundtrack, with licensed indie songs, and original theme, just like in the first game.

The gameplay is very similar to the first title, with few different elements, the graphics received a visual polish, although they look “old-fashioned”, this was clearly an artistic concept applied consciously. Anyway, the highlight of “Life is Strange” was never its graphics (although I like them), but its engaging story, which holds you back and makes you want to play one chapter after another, as if you were watching a series who likes Netflix a lot.

The version of Feral Interative

Feral Interative will once again make the game for Linux and macOS and it seems that, once again, we will have Vulkan as a graphical API for the title.

The game itself is not very heavy, modest machines are capable of running it with minimal graphics.

We currently have no specifications for Linux and macOS available, but the minimum requirements for Windows are:

– 64-bit operating system;

– Core i3, AMD Phenom X4 or higher processor;

– 3 GB of RAM;

– AMD Radeon R7 250 or Nvidia GTX 650 graphics card;

– 14 GB of Storage.

We can take these values ​​as a basis and estimate that the versions for Linux and macOS will not be very different from that.

The game’s audio will be in English only, but we will have subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese (Simplified).

As soon as the game is released we will bring gameplays to the channel, so stay tuned!

More information you can find on the Feral Interactive website.

To the next!