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Before the Storm’ has a release date for Linux


THE Feral Interactive is bringing yet another game from the franchise “Life is Strange» for Linux through its powerful sizes, which allowed users to Linux play other famous games like Mad Max, tomb Raider, Hitman, A Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, Shadow of Mordor, F1 2017 among others.

“Life is Strange” was the winner of the BAFTA (British Academy Film Award) 2015, and has the original soundtrack made by the British band Daughter.

You can check out the gameplay we did on the channel.

The Game’s launch will come in a “Deluxe Edition” package, which will include Episodes 1 to 3, Bonus Episode, Clothing Pack and “Mixtape” mode.

The game will be officially released on September 13 for Linux and macOS.

The game requirements for Linux are:

To buy it, go to the Feral store link or wait for release on Steam.

Very cool to see another successful game “landing” in the Linux world, it shows that it has a lot of ground to grow, even with the disbelief of many.

But tell us in the comments if you’ve played the Life is Strange series.

A big hug and see you next time.