Before switching to an iPhone, read this

Before switching to an iPhone, read this

We in the Android community have seen many of our members abandon us and go to Apple. But why is this happening? Was Apple doing something right? Find out what the causes are and what can be done to reverse the process.

The enchantment and prestige of the iPhone

Even I – an Android enthusiast – must recognize the prestige element that comes with the iPhone. Almost all my friends have one, it is a fashion accessory. Most of the girls I date have one. However, most owners don’t seem to know how to make the most of what they have – and they often ask me why I don’t have one.

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To migrate or not to migrate? / © ANDROIDPIT

If someone wants a bland but homogeneous experience, the iPhone is tempting. However, that is all it offers. It’s a shallow device, which is why marketing efforts are so important to Apple. The device doesn’t do that much, but the brand’s power is capable of a lot.

Perception is powerful, and marketing efforts have paid off for Apple

The public face of Apple, however, does not fit with the company’s shares. In the American market, Apple is a bully with its unjustified lawsuits, Samsung says. And that tactic has worked so far, since Apple is managing to keep a big competitor, Xiaomi, out of the American market. The company has kept devices desired by the public outside the market to maintain its participation.

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Appealing to justice, Apple has kept competitors out of the American market / © ANDROIDPIT, shutterstock

The flagships Android have gained their relevance

Android flagships have become more desired and fashionable, losing the nerdy aura of the beginning. Manufacturers have made devices that appeal to style, not just specifications. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is beautiful and fashionable. So the top-of-the-line Android can compete directly with the iPhone on several levels.

Most Android brands that have a premium flagship are creating more fashion phones, betting on style. But companies can’t just stay on devices, they need to improve their image. That’s why Apple has done so well, but it’s also why it can be defeated.

Android devices are already better than Apple’s, and brands have already achieved the same prestige, so it’s only a matter of time before Apple is kicked out of the market. Live for the logo, die for the logo.

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Several premium options give Android competitiveness / © ANDROIDPIT

Don’t focus on battles, focus on war

This battle of perception is a long-term one. Android devices are better, but we need to let the market do its job. Over time, Apple’s growth trend will reverse, this is inevitable. We can’t let some bad news or problems get us down. That is how the struggle of perception is lost.

If we think that Apple cannot be beaten, it has already won. This is harmful. We need to approach the threat for what it really is: a paper tiger.

Wars are not won by weeping over lost battles. The Android vs. Apple fight is in the long run. Instead of focusing on the battles we lost, we must focus on the war, which we will win. The good news is that the trend is reversing, but perception still has its power.

So, if you are thinking of buying an iPhone, you need to ask yourself how much the brand weighs in your choice. Don’t let advertisements decide for you, get over perception and think independently.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about migrating to the iPhone?