Before $ 400 a year, Google Earth Pro is now free for everyone

If you use Google Earth it is often good news.

Google Earth Pro icon for OS X

The domestic version of the app was always free, while the professional version cost $ 400 (per year, since the model used by Google was the subscription model). Recently, however, the company decided to make Google Earth Pro free for everyone.

Google Earth Pro is an interactive 3D globe that can be used to assist with tasks such as planning, analysis and decision making. Corporate, government and professional users from around the world use Google Earth Pro data visualization, site planning and information sharing tools.

But after all, what are the differences between the two versions (domestic and professional)? The table below takes away all these doubts, see s:

Comparative table between Google Earth versions

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To access Google Earth Pro, just download the app here and request the license key here.

(via iDownloadBlog)