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Beep Radar: The Speed ​​Camera Finder

Radar Beep reports on surveillance and speed cameras within cities as well as on highways, based on Google maps and information from its own database. See in my test if the app really fulfills its role.

Functions & Usage

When you start the App, it runs in the background and scans the region's radar and surveillance. In order for the information to remain current, the application downloads, together with the first activation, a file package with the radar positions of the chosen country. Brazil has over 23,000 identified radars, and next to the US the best served country.

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And choose the country right after installing the app. / AndroidPIT
<p>Your exact position is determined by the GPS. A map shows nearby blitzes, radars, and surveillance, with icons corresponding to each type of control. As you approach one of the marked points, a beep alarm activates, which intensifies as the distance decreases. On the smartphone screen there is also a display with the speed limit allowed on the street or highway you are on, in addition to the current speed of your car.</p><div class='code-block code-block-3' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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The allowed speed and the search for radars. / AndroidPIT
<p>In my test the warning about potential surveillance and radar worked very well. Anyone who has not connected their smartphone with a browser via Bluetooth will receive many audible warnings about nearby speed cameras, even if they are not yet on the same street or road. With the browser connection, a more accurate selection is made. Unfortunately, this is not true for Google Maps, and an external device must be connected via Bluetooth.</p>
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In most cases these are possible inspections. This means that a lot of information is not up to date, but still possible. In addition, for newly installed radars you will need to download the most current file package.

Screen & Controls

Radar Beep's user interface is very simple and intuitive. Google Maps can be used as in the original app, zooming in on a particular region to see possible control points in advance, and the speed highlighted on the display. Warnings also appear very strikingly, displaying all the necessary information. In the settings you can determine which type of notification should be activated. In addition to fixed and mobile blitz radar, there are also other notification categories, such as section, semaphore, or dangerous point radar. The most commonly shown symbols on maps are possible mobile speed cameras.

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The general settings and types of notifications possible. / AndroidPIT
<p>Notifications can be configured individually according to each category. You can silence them completely or activate the audible alarm only for dangerous points, for example. Voice messaging can also be activated. The application can be configured very quickly and worked without failing the test. For quick access, you also have the corresponding widget.</p>
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Speed ​​& Stability

In my test Radar Beep worked precisely. Most of the radar cameras were not up to date, but the app helps to regulate their speed at points where there was or had surveillance, which is always good. For its use I need a stable internet connection and a GPS signal. Battery consumption and data transfer have not been above average, and your plan will not be overwhelmed with its moderate use.

Price / Performance Ratio

The app can be downloaded for free, and it features an advertising bar at the bottom of the screen. To remove it, you can donate between $ 1 and $ 100 to developers. Even without this donation, advertisements are not invasive.

Final Verdict

The Beep Radar fulfills its role of displaying an accurate map of the region with possible radar and surveillance, as well as dangerous spots on the road. Unfortunately the app has no way of telling you if a particular radar is still active, but you will still receive a notification. The user interface convinces by simplicity and organization. I missed a notification for traffic jams, for example, already integrated by competing applications. Similarly, a connection to the Google Maps navigation would be highly desirable, making it necessary to connect to an external browser to receive specific blitz notifications. Overall, the app delivers what it promises and so gets five stars.

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