Become a “polyglot” with Microsoft Translator for iOS, also compatible with Apple Watch

More and more technology breaks down barriers and brings people together. Communication itself can happen in different ways, but it is normal for one to speak the same language as the other after all, emoticons don't count.

How to talk, then, with a person who speaks a language you do not know or do not speak? Microsoft is giving a boost and released the app Translator for iOS and other platforms. With it you speak in your language, the application recognizes, translates in a textual way and even pronounces everything in the target language you need.

Microsoft Translator app icon

The app connects to Microsoft's translation API (in the cloud) and conveniently integrates with various products, tools and solutions. Among them we have the entire Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Bing, Skype and a series of other company products.

In a practical way, if you arrive in the United States, you need to ask something and do not know any English, just open the application and speak Portuguese. In noisy environments the textual translation is cool, as you can put the text in “full screen” mode on the iPhone and show it to the person you need to interact with. In others, nothing is better than translating directly into audio.

Microsoft Translator comes with support for the Apple Watch, working in much the same way: you press the button, speak with your watch and it shows you the translation in textual form.

Microsoft Translator on Apple Watch

The app arrived with support for a multitude of languages, including Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish , Swedish, Thai and Turkish.

From what I've tested so far, communication is possible even without knowing the other language, but it is a very important warning: sometimes the translation is done very literally and like us Brazilians, we speak Portuguese (a very rich language in Portuguese). words), the chances of meaningless phrases being formed are very high. Therefore, it is ideal to think carefully before speaking and use simple / objective phrases.

Good examples of use for the app: “What time is it?”, “Where is the bathroom?”, “How do I get to Fifth Avenue?”, Etc. Avoid phrases like: "You know, I was here without my watch and I wanted to know the time." The less flowery It is better, and over time, translations tend to get better because it is a service that is connected to various tools and present in the cloud.

Of course, apps with this technology already existed, but when a big company like Microsoft is behind it ends up driving a lot of use (as well as its competitors). In order not to miss the chance to laugh a little, download Microsoft Translator, make your translations and comment below the ones you think are more “bizarre”.

(via The Verge)

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