Become a beta tester for multiple apps by following these steps

Cara membuat Android Anda lebih cepat dan masih menghemat baterai

Heavy user who is heavy user does not want an app running stable, or want a bug-filled app to report to the developer. If you are one of those, know that it is not difficult to enter the beta testing program for your favorite apps. We will teach you how to do this below.

Beta testing programs are for the developer to be able to test new functions and new versions of the apps with a smaller and interested audience, before their product is placed for evaluation by the general public.

For those interested in helping developers, the advantage is to have in advance access to new functions and even new apps, knowing in advance what will reach the general public. It brings that good feeling of being contributing to the platform to improve.

Beta Program

And itā€™s very easy to make a Beta tester for an app. Just look for it in the Play Store and scroll to the bottom of the page looking for the message that shows that there are vacancies for this program. This procedure is exclusive for smartphones.

beta tester app 1

Itā€™s easy to become an app tester / Ā© AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Some of them no longer have vacancies or have not yet opened a Beta testing program for their apps, that is, they are not 100% of the Play Store apps that will have a Beta program, only those that are opened by the developer who, as you can see below, can offer a restricted number of places.

beta tester app 4

Each app may have limited spaces or not offer Beta / Ā© AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Keep in mind that these Beta versions can be unstable, and this can lead to crashes not only of the app, but also of your device. Other setbacks can appear, such as excessive battery drain and high temperature. Itā€™s like a medicine test, and you can suffer the side effects.

Think about it before joining any Beta program, because the willingness to contribute and the curiosity to learn about new functions must be greater than the stress with freezes and unexpected restarts of the device.

After scrolling to the bottom of an appā€™s page and finding the Beta program, click Accept and then Participate.

beta tester app 2

Choose some apps to test and give feedback / Ā© AndroidPIT (screenshot)

And if you get tired of being a Beta tester, no problem. Leaving is as easy as entering. Just go back to the app page, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Exit. It is recommended to uninstall the version of the app that is on your device and install the normal version.

Both entering and exiting a Beta program can take a few minutes, so donā€™t be surprised if messages like the ones shown below appear:

beta tester app 3

Logging out is as easy as logging in / Ā© AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Early access

Another way to test unreleased features is to participate in Early Access for some apps. Thatā€™s when the app hasnā€™t even been released yet, so thereā€™s still no stable or definitive version for it, but once again you can get to know it before mere mortals.

For this modality, you need to look for an app that has Early Access open, enter and install as usual. On the appā€™s page, there is a warning that it is still under development and that, for this reason, may present instability.

beta tester app 5

Early access is another test option / Ā© AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Did you encounter a problem, a bug, an instability? Go to the app page on the Play Store and run to the part where your profile appears and the phrase Ā«Enter comments about the appĀ». Everything you write will only be read by the app developer.

To check which apps youā€™re subscribed to as Beta or early access, go to the Play Store menu, and then My Apps & Games. Then, just navigate to the Beta tab and everyone will be there.

beta tester app 6

Check which Betas you participate in and send comments / Ā© AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Oh, and donā€™t forget that being a Beta tester or having early access doesnā€™t just mean showing off with that fact or just enjoying the new features. Send feedback to the developer, screen bugs, praise and criticize when needed. Thatā€™s the true spirit of a Beta tester!

Some cool apps to become a beta tester

InstagramInstall on Google Play

WhatsApp MessengerInstall on Google Play

NubankInstall on Google Play

FacebookInstall on Google Play

Facebook LiteInstall on Google Play

Facebook MessengerInstall on Google Play

UberInstall on Google Play

GoogleInstall on Google Play

SnapchatInstall on Google Play

MapsInstall on Google Play

DropboxInstall on Google Play

HERE WeGoInstall on Google Play

TumblrInstall on Google Play

Are you already a Beta Tester for any app? What was your experience?