Because Stadia promises to be a milestone in the gaming world

Because Stadia promises to be a milestone in the gaming world

Google vice president explained how Stadia works and its relevance in the gamer world

The Google Stadia announcement during Game Developers Conference 2019 (GDC), in San Francisco, moved the market gamer, emerging as a strong bet and a true landmark of this universe.

THE streaming, which has already changed the form of media consumption in films and TV, such as Netflix, and music, now reaches the world of games. The system Stadia of cloud game streaming, which will work fully integrated with YouTube, will definitely change the relationship between players and game consumption.

Phil Harrison, vice president of Google, has given many interviews and explains why the Stadia must revolutionize that market. In interviews with Polygon and Eurogamer, he explained the plans of the Stadia and how it will work, in addition to its cost and other details.

“We are going to make some mistakes. We are going to have some stumbles along the way. But when we get to the optimum, we can share that with the rest of the industry. And it will help everyone to reach an even faster point ”.

Phil Harrinson, vice president of Google

Stadia «Mistakes may occur, but that is exactly what will improve the market»

“I think there is a new way to develop games, a new way to discover games and a new way to enjoy games because of Stadia. We have significant aspirations for the future and we want to reach a very substantial scale ”.

Phil Harrinson, vice president of Google

How much does it cost to develop Stadia?

When asked how much it costs for the Google develop the Stadia, both in the technical part and in research and development. In the interview, the executive stated that the cost is high in both sectors. Budget details have not yet been released, however, according to Polygon, there is already a forecast that the Google will spend $ 13 billion on infrastructure and capital.

«So, this is a very significant investment for the company».

Phil Harrison, vice president of Google

Why should Stadia be a success?

When speaking with Eurogamer, Phil also made it clear that the Stadia likely to be successful because of datacenters of Google. The company has “Based on nearly 20 years of innovation at the data center, deep and cutting-edge technology, network and infrastructure, as well as the ability to not only deliver bits to their destination in the most efficient way with very intelligent network routing, but also performance within the datacenter ”, adds the vice president.

StadiaStructure of Google Datacenters worldwide

In practice, this means that connections for players will be more stable than other cloud gaming services that may not have the hardware to do the backup.

Game development

Phil Harrinson also explained how the performance of the Google in relation to game development. The company should work on two fronts, in its own studios, and in independent partner companies, which should be good for the sector as a whole.

In addition, it is malleable computing in the cloud and allows developers to use an unprecedented amount of resources to support their games.

«We have 450,000 km of fiber that connect our data centers around the world, which allows developers to have super predictable latency, even in the most extreme cases.»

Phil Harrinson, vice president of Google

Regarding the integration with YouTube, the executive commented that “Our vision for our platform is to converge these two worlds together so that you can watch a game, click and play a game and vice versa”. Regarding community moderation, he said YouTube has made some investments that will allow parents to manage what their children play, who they play with and when they play.

Will Stadia be for everyone?


Although the launch plan includes the slogan of a “Game for everyone”, Phil recognizes that being in the cloud, will depend on broadband speeds. However, this can be modified with the expansion of new technologies such as 5G.

«If you have a good YouTube experience, you will have a great experience with Stadia.»

Phil Harrinson, vice president of Google

Revolutionary and interactive control

Stadia A new way to play

THE joystick of Stadia also promises to revolutionize the market, this because he has access to the assistant of the Google and exclusive buttons for gamers. To activate the control, what you need to do is put it online on Wi-Fi and when you press the button home, he will know that there is a Chromecast there and will immediately launch the client on the platform.

Thus, you will see the user interface and then you will be taken to the game. You can use a low-power device, like Chromecast, for an attractive experience. The device has less than five watts, is powered by Micro-USB, while a typical console is around 100 to 150 watts.

The impact on the future of consoles

On the future of gaming with consoles, like the Xbox and PlayStation, Phil commented that the change will be dramatic in the way games are thought and made. Despite this, he also pointed out that this will not be overnight, players are likely to make a conscious move to switch to cloud devices.

THE Stadia arrives this year in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and most of Europe in 2019, but it will still take a while to be deployed to the whole world.

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