Because I don't have (nor will I have) a top of the line

Because I don't have (nor will I have) a top of the line

Flagships like the Galaxy S7 or LG G5 are great devices, with superb specs and a premium design that makes them the objects of desire for many people. However, while I appreciate their remarkable qualities, they do not arouse in me this desire to possess them.

I am the happiest person in the world to be able to test the latest releases from the Android world, which is a great advantage of working on AndroidPIT, but it gives me a fortune even if it is on a fantastic device …. no, I will stay with my intermediate even. I have good reason for that.

Top of the line are expensive, very expensive

Yes, it's fabulous, supersonic gadgets and all, but they're too expensive for me. Investing over $ 900 in a smartphone is not my priority. For the price of a Galaxy S7 (about R $ 3,300) I buy a ticket to Miami and still left for an Alcatel Idol 3 or even better, since I go to Miami, buy one there, for half the price of Brazil .

momondo sp miami
cheaper to go to Miami, buy a handset back and forth / ANDROIDPIT

I'm clumsy

And again, yes, this is one of my wonderful virtues. My hands are like the bread of many. In three months I managed to break three smartphones (Luis can confirm). Leave almost $ 3,500 but my hands are more dangerous than baptizing a gremlin with holy water.

I prefer to invest in a simpler smartphone, so I don't have to cry a lot if I crash it. my clumsiness, we have to add my recklessness, which makes me prone to falls and accidents.

AndroidPIT dead galaxy s6 3080
This time it wasn't me! / ANDROIDPIT

I am every thief's dream

Along with my clumsiness, we have my distraction. I always forget to close my backpack pocket, or leave my purse in the most unusual places. That is, my device is always in danger, and given the situation in Brazil lately, thieves would not let this opportunity pass.

AndroidPIT jessica smartphone
If it were me, I wouldn't even realize they were trying to rob me / ANDROIDPIT

I walk down the street thinking about the death of the heifer – if anyone wanted to reach into my purse and walk normally by my side, I wouldn't even notice (and it has happened several times). A golden S7 gleaming at the bottom of someone's backpack, a plateful of people, so to speak, from mdole.

I don't need super hardware

I get lost in this technology race where each manufacturer adds a new function (of very dubious real utility) to demonstrate who is the most powerful. It's fun and fun to test new features, see how technology evolves, and where this whole evolution is going.

That's all really fascinating, but in my day to day life I don't need any of that. It makes no difference to me to have a heart rate sensor or augmented reality. I indulge in having WhatsApp, Spotify, Facebook and some basic game to distract me (I really miss that super old Nokia snake game). I think, little by little, we are forgetting that smartphones were made to make calls.

I like photography, but I don't need a professional quality camera, a few simple pixels are more than enough for my parents to recognize the photos I'm going to send from Miami.

huawei shotx beauty camera
I'm beautiful by nature, I don't need a camera with built-in photoshop / ANDROIDPIT

These are the reasons why I don't think I was made to have a top of the line, and neither were they made for me (unless the next generation of devices is made of adamantium).

And you, do you like to invest in a top of the line, or prefer the intermediate line like me? What are your reasons?

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