Beb thinks her name Alexa because of Amazon Echo

Beb thinks her name Alexa because of Amazon Echo

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  • One made me a video showing that her 11 month old daughter responds only when called from Alexa
  • In the video the woman calls the baby's name several times and she doesn't answer. When yours says "Alexa", the child looks in your direction
  • The parents purchased an Amazon Echo when Emily was five months old, and since then, the assistant has been called several times a day to assist with household duties.

New technologies are increasingly included in people's lives. Children born in that decade are already familiar with the possibilities that devices can do for them. It turns out that in some cases, this can even be confusing. a 11 month old baby does not answer by his name, but by "Alexa", the personal assistant of Amazon.

The baby's parents would acquire a Echo, a smart speaker, when your daughter was just five months of life. Since then the assistant called for various tasks. To activate it is necessary to give a voice command, such as "Alexa, play a song".

On a stroll with the stroller, the mother of the baby realized that her daughter no longer answered by her name and recorded it. She calls "Emily, Emily" several times and the girl does not answer. When you tell me "Alexa" the child looks in your direction. She then speaks "No, your name Emily, on Alexa".

During the day to day we do things without realizing it, but children always pay attention. Second Haim Ginott, Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them, it impresses. " Probably the most mentioned name at home is Alexa. This made Emily think she should also respond to the command given to the Amazon assistant.


The device is available for Brazil for R $ 1,499 at launch

Domestic assistants are increasingly present in people's homes. They can help to do a number of functions. In an automated environment, they can close doors, turn on lights, monitor security cameras, among many other functions.

Several companies produce their own model, with different assistants. THE Apple has Siri, The Google has its Assistant, The Amazon has Alexa. Windows also has an option, called Cortana, but there is still no specific hub.

Emily's video went viral after it was posted on the site The New York Times. Several views were made of the baby's video. You can see the original publication here. This is not the first time that a child thinks his name Alexa, several other videos of other children answering by the name of the assistant, also began to appear.

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