Beautiful visual puzzles, LEGO Builder’s Journey arrives at Apple Arcade

Yesterday, Friday (12/20), we had one more addition to Apple Arcade this time a one game only but that seems to be really cool. I refer to LEGO Builder’s Journey, which has just landed on Ma.

The game is described as a puzzle set in the world of famous (and sore) colorful little blocks. With a similar Monument Valley proposal, here are a series of stages with small “worlds” built with LEGOs, which can be viewed at different angles to solve challenges and overcome obstacles.

LEGO Builder’s Journey has versions for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, and is now available on Apple Arcade for all subscribers. It is worth checking!

New Promotional Video

In addition, Ma has released on their YouTube channel the latest promotional video for their gaming platform. Titled “Great Games for the Holidays” (“Great games for the holidays”), the video takes on the same tone as previous service commercials with a narrator listing various games and their main features.

Check it out:

Manifold garden

Lastly, Manifold garden jigsaw puzzle released a few months ago this week had its official trailer released on Apple's YouTube channel.

See s:

Fun, isn't it? 😃