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BeatsX wins special edition in partnership with the brand Sacai

THE BeatsApple's subsidiary continues on a journey to position its products not only as headphones but also as fashion and lifestyle items. The latest initiative in this venture is a partnership with the Japanese label Sacai, which generated the newest special edition of headphones Beatx.

BeatsX headphones special edition in partnership with Sacai brand

The headphones feature a special design with colorful beads that can be removed and replaced so that the user can customize their accessories any way they want in line with Sacai philosophy, a brand that promises to ?blend high standard design with functional utility? .

There is only one problem: in addition to costing more than the proletariat's BeatsX (149, according to Watchgeneration), the headphones in partnership with Sacai will require interested parties to purchase a ticket to Paris, as they will only be sold at a temporary store in the City of Light from March 4.

Apart from the special design and unique case, the BeatsX headphones are the same as ever, with W1 chip, up to eight hours of battery and technology. Fast fuel fast charging. They will be sold in three colors: Silver red, Absolute White and Intense black.

And who's going?

via AppleInsider