BeatsX from the Defiant collection in black and red

BeatsX, Studio3 and Solo3 get new color options; Apple launches Lightning cable for 3.5mm

A few days ago, Apple added a new member to the family of headphones Beats with the arrival of Solo Pro, but the news for your subsidiary did not stop there. Today, Apple launched new (and old) colors for several of the products already in the line, in addition to selling an accessory that, until then, was only available through accessory manufacturers.

New headphone colors

THE Studio3 Wireless (R $ 2,499) won the call Camo Collection, with two new colors: dune, which is close to the cream, and forest green, which combines a green close to khaki (with camouflage motifs) and golden details. The headphones are identical to the existing ones, with W1 chip, 22 hours of battery and fast recharge.

BeatsX from the Defiant collection in black and red

Meanwhile, two other lines have had old colors revived. The BeatsX (R $ 829) are already being sold again in the version black and red, part of Decade Collection. Meanwhile, the headphones Solo3 (R $ 1,599) had the Icon Collection resurrected – with this, the colors satin silver and satin gold are back. All headphones, too, are identical to the versions sold since always (except in colors, of course).

Apple Lightning to 3.5mm cable

Finally, Apple added a new accessory to its catalog: it’s a Lightning cable to 3.5mm, designed to be connected to the audio input on your Beats phone (or any auxiliary input) and on your iPhone or iPad. The cable is only available in black version and costs R $ 299.

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