Beats launches limited edition of Solo3 Wireless; Bose bets on headphones to sleep

THE Beats likes to launch special editions of his headphones.

Next week, more specifically on November 24, a new model of the Beats Solo3 Wireless reach the stores.

In fact, ** store, as this special edition is exclusive to Third Man Records.

The limited edition #ThirdManBeats # Solo3Wireless is available in pre-order at http://ThirdManStore now.

In addition to the colors, the differentials of this limited edition are: a personalized carrying case, a black and yellow 3.5mm braided cable that matches the headphones and an exclusive flexible disk with Raconteurs music "Level".

They also have some details related to Third Man Records, including the company logo and stripes on the inside / outside of the headphones.

The new handset costs $ 330 ($ 30 more than the standard model).

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Leaving Beats and going to Bose, the traditional manufacturer is at Indiegogo trying to validate a new project: headphones against snoring, barking and other noises, created specifically to be used at bedtime.

Bose Sleepbuds

I mean, trying to validate, no.

Validating, since he has already raised more than US $ 445 thousand and the goal was “only” US $ 50 thousand.

In fact, we are talking about a creation by Hush (a company acquired by Bose).

But the idea of ​​Sleepbuds is to silence, disguise those sounds that so disturb us at bedtime.

How? Offering a variety of soothing sounds, including sounds of nature and other familiars.

Through the app, you choose whether to listen to something created exclusively to mask a noise or something relaxing.

You can also adjust how long you want the headphones to play these sounds and set an alarm to be woken up when needed.

Sleepbuds have a battery that can handle two nights of sleep, a charger case capable of providing an additional charge and a wall charger (with USB cable).

At Indiegogo, Sleepbuds cost between $ 150 and $ 185, with delivery scheduled for February 2018, all units per l have already been sold; when they get to the market, they should go for $ 250.

via MacRumors, Update or Die