Beats 1 with interviews by FaceTime; Foxconn says it will fulfill demand

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As recommendations to reduce the number of cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world are increasingly emphasized (social detachment, quarantine, etc.), more and more services must rethink how to continue ahead in the face of the adversities of the moment.

Among these services is radio Beats 1, from Apple, commanded by Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden and Julie Adenuga. According to the Billboard, from now on the programs will be presented remotely, from the anchor houses.

This, of course, changes the way some programs are made; as many of them include interviews with artists, all of this will happen now with the help of FaceTime.

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To prioritize the health and safety of their staff and guests, starting today, Apple Music presenters record their programs with mobile equipment in their homes, working virtually via FaceTime on the iPhone.

Also according to MaĆ§Ć£, all programs will be shown at their usual times, with no changes to the schedule ā€“ including interviews with Elton John and Hayley Williams.

Beats 1 radio does not require an Apple Music subscription and is freely available to everyone on the Music app (on iOS / iPadOS / macOS and Android).

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Yesterday, we reported that Apple removed the limit of online purchases in several countries after news that inventories (mainly iPhones and AirPods) are returning to normal. This supply problem, as we know, was caused by the initial outbreak of the new Coronavirus in China, just before the virus spread to the world.

As we reported, Foxconn (one of the biggest iPhone makers) was largely affected by the pandemic, since most employees (if not the total workforce) were kept in their homes. Now, however, a new report by Nikkei shows that the situation is quite different over there.

According to the information, the factory has reached its Ā«recruitment targetsĀ», as expected, and has enough workers to Ā«meet the seasonal demand in all its Chinese factoriesĀ».

Foxconn also said it has implemented Ā«strict measuresĀ» to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for its team, offering tests for COVID-19 to more than 55,000 workers and radiographs for another 40,000.

Therefore, it is very likely that Apple will be able to meet most expectations for the second half of this year, including the production of future iPhones.

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Finally, the Cult of Mac said there are Ā«strong indicationsĀ» that the 468 Apple stores closed due to the pandemic will not reopen (being optimistic) until mid-April, according to several company managers and retail employees around the world.

Many Apple Store teams are being informed that the situation remains in a ā€œwait and seeā€ state. Meanwhile, Apple executives continue to assess which locations may reopen and when ā€“ case by case, state by state, and country by country.

Ā«I was told not to expect stores in my area to open anytime soon, and when I asked for a hunch, two people ventured to say in mid-April, but they said it without certainty,Ā» said an Apple Store manager at southern United States. The official asked not to be identified because the discussions should be private.

In many parts of the world, including the USA and much of Europe, the so-called Ā«flattening of the infection curveĀ» has not yet begun. For retailers, like Apple, the curve for each country will determine the strategy for reopening their stores.

There are now 400 thousand people infected with Coronavirus worldwide, with more than 17 thousand deaths by the time of publication of this article. In Brazil, there are almost 2,000 officially confirmed cases and 34 deaths.

via Engadget, 9to5Mac

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