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You may have already noticed the difference that makes playing and have a beautiful soundtrack in the background. We are of the opinion that the game gets more exciting and interesting. What if there was a game that used the music in your library? That's what the Beat Hazard Ultra is supposed to do. With each new level of the game, a new song. Want to know more about this app, then read our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note IIAndroid version: 4.1.2Root: NoMods: NoneFirst of all: be sure to take a look at the Beat Hazard Ultra tutorial: everything will be easier after that. And here's what the game is about: you are in control of a spacecraft panel (in 2D) with the many weapons needed to fight the enemy and to eliminate space junk. Enemy ships approach you in waves and synchronized with the music you are playing. The faster and faster the music has, the more you need your weapons, as there will be more enemies to fight with.

And the game has some very interesting power ups. The VOL increases the volume and also the power of your weapons. POW allows you to fire multiple bullets at once. Super Bomb destroys everything nearby. At first you will only have two of these power ups, but over time you can make use of others, such as missiles and shields (Ultra Beam).

Your goal is to stay intact until the end of a journey and collect as many points as possible. The point multiplier will further increase your score. Every 30 seconds, this multiplier will increase your score by 1 point. And if you want to feel challenged: cease fire for a few seconds that the multiplier also works.

Collect money to unlock perks that aid your defense. These perks can be unlocked as you move up your ranks. At some point, you can activate 5 or even 10 of these power ups, including Life Saver, which gives you an extra life. All of this makes the game long-lived as it creates challenges and goals for players.

There are other game modes: Survival is a way in which paths overlap. This means that there is no instant pause between one route and another. You have to fight for the purpose of keeping Boss Rush alive. The Chill Out mode is a little bit quieter.

Conclusion: Beat Hazard Ultra is a very well designed game, both visually and conceptually, especially because it combines music with the user's taste and action. Being able to play to the sound of your own music is quite interesting, no doubt. A tip: Try playing with dubsteps or house. No Taylor Swift, for example.

Screen & Controls

The Beat Hazard Ultra has a great graphic: bright and captivating. The controls are simple and relatively intuitive. Hand controls are available when it comes to weapons. One thing that was not so clear to us was how to navigate between menus. Scrolling the screen a little differently than we are used to.

Speed ​​& Stability

The Beat Hazard Ultra ran flawlessly and showed no slowness during our tests.

Price / Performance Ratio

Beat Hazard Ultra costs 2.99 or $ 8.12 on Google Play. A great price for what you get with this game. The problem is that, although it is a paid app, it still has advertising banners.

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