Beam, Microsoft's game streaming service, is now called Mixer; new app will allow streaming from iOS or Android

Beam, Microsoft's game streaming service, is now called Mixer; new app will allow streaming from iOS or Android

If you have a minimum of familiarity with the world of video games, you have certainly heard of Beam, service streaming from Microsoft (or rather, acquired by her last year) with a focus on gambling fans who allow the transmission of matches directly from Windows 10 or Xbox One.

Well, now the Redmond giant is announcing a complete renewal of the platform, including new supported operating systems, yes, iOS is in and, to crown the series of changes, a new name: Mixer.

Mixer, Microsoft's streaming platform

The list of novelties is quite large, but the new feature that most interests gamers stuck with the feet on other platforms, such as iOS or Android, give the name of Mixer Create. This is the name of a new application, which will be available in stores for mobile operating systems from Apple and Google even today in beta, and initially bring the possibility for users to broadcast live from their cameras, as well as interact with their users. followers through a chat.

The ‚Äúkiller feature‚ÄĚ, however, will arrive soon: in the near future, the application will receive an update that will allow the user to broadcast their own games directly from iOS or Android, two platforms, which are growing a lot and finally gaining some respect from the community gamer. O streaming of mobile systems can be seen by all users, in the same way as those generated from Windows or Xbox.

In addition to the entry of iOS and Android in the cake, the Mixer will also start offering the feature of co-streaming, in which up to four users will be able to broadcast their games simultaneously on a split screen; with that, session viewers will have a centralized chat with the four players. When Mixer Create starts offering the game streaming feature, users of the app will also be able to join shared streams like everyone else.

The last big news of the day is Channel One, a guide built into all Mixer apps that helps users find the best sessions taking place at that moment; the channel also serves as a guide for newcomers to the platform to find themselves in the multitude of options available and to be able to make their own transmissions without complications.

When will all this be available, exactly? Most of the news now: the co-streaming is already released for Xbox and Windows 10 users, as well as the Channel One. The beta version of the Mixer Create app is now available on Google Play, so it should also appear on the App Store in the next few hours. And the ‚Äúcommon‚ÄĚ Mixer app that is nothing more than the old Beam, renamed, which only serves to watch other people's broadcasts is available for free on the App Store.

Mixer - Interactive Streaming app icon

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