BeAdvance plans to present CeBIT time and attendance control solution

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

The national company BeAdvance will launch in the next edition of CeBIT a time and attendance control solution that uses biometric technology. The launch will take place in partnership with the Spanish company CD World and aims at a solution that uses fingerprints to proceed with identification.

This solution, already launched on the Portuguese market in late 2004, combines an application of software with a biometric control terminal and mainly addresses the small and medium-sized market.

According to a statement, this BeAdvance solution is available in four different versions: Staff On Time Retail, Staff On Time Plus, Staff On Time Pro and Staff On Time Corporate, concepts that the document does not detail.

BeAdvance works in the area of ​​integrated security and productivity solutions (examples of which are the attendance management systems). In the use of biometric technologies, the company mainly uses fingerprint identification and Íris.

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