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Beach or car: A photo posted on Twitter is intriguing users of the social network. Although most people see a beach at night, under a stormy sky, the image, according to the author of the post, actually depicts the damaged door of a car. The publication was made on the last day 2, but is still provoking debate about illusion of ethics and brain functioning in social networks.

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Beach or car? Image generates debate among Twitter users Photo: Reproduo / TwitterBeach or car? Image generates debate among Twitter users Photo: Reproduo / Twitter

Beach or car? Image generates debate among Twitter users Photo: Reproduo / Twitter

The post was made by user @nxyxm and has had over 2,000 retweets and 4,500 likes so far. "If you can see a beach, ocean skies, rocks and stars, then you are an artist," says the post, "but this is not a painting, but the underside of a car door that needs to be repaired, wrote the tweet author.

Even after the revelation, users had difficulty seeing the car door. The author of the post tried to help: a car door. The sealing panel below it is damaged and scratched, which gives the illusion of water on the shore, he explained.

@nxyxm Muhammad Nayem, a Pakistani fashion designer. To dnetc, Nayem explained that the car in the photo does not belong to him and that he made the image randomly, but posted on Twitter because he saw that there was an illusion of ethics. After the viral, he gained over 1,000 new followers, many international. "At first few people understood the image, but after so many comments and theories, they were intrigued and started calling it the 'best illusion image ever,'" he says.

Some netizens attribute the divergence in photo interpretation to brain functioning. According to this theory, anyone who sees a beach would be ruled by the right brain, responsible for creativity. Already those coming to the car door would have the waterier left side and would be more logical and analytical people.

The explanation in this case would be the same as that which went viral in the case of the "green and gray or pink and white sneakers", where the shared current along with the picture bore the theory of both sides of the brain. At the time, doctor Rafael Monteiro, a neurologist at Hospital Samaritano, explained to dnetc that the theory has no scientific proof: "more illusion of ethics than to do with brain hemispheres," he said.

In the case of the car door, another possible explanation lies in the fact that, without context, the brain tries to reconcile what it is seeing with the reference to something similar in memory. According to a Reddit forum user, as soon as the art works. "Like a painting on a canvas is a real beach? Our brain interprets it as such, looking for things it recognizes. And this close-up car port works the same way. Our brain is looking for something recognizable," explained the user Beingabummer. "The only difference between a painting and this photo is that the painting intentionally depicts a beach and this photo is not," he added. In the same discussion, itty53, another forum participant added: "You already wait, 'this is a picture of a beach'. This is your first impression."

Illusions of ethics like this often go viral on social networks. Who doesn't remember the famous color-changing party dress? Some people saw the white and gold garment; others, blue and black. Another similar mystery that made it successful on the internet was green and gray or pink and white tennis. There was also the politics of the invisible car, which puzzled netizens in 2018.