BE wants Mário Lino to respond again about Magalhães

BE wants Mário Lino to respond again about Magalhães

The hearing of Ângelo Paupério, yesterday at the Commission of Inquiry that evaluates the functioning of the Foundation for Mobile Communications, was controversial and for opposition deputies it helped to confirm the suspicions that Magalhães and JP Sá Couto were choices of the Government.

Following the hearing, Pedro Filipe Soares, deputy of the Bloco de Esquerda, submitted a request for a new hearing by ex-minister Mário Lino, a wish that has yet to be voted on by the committee to determine whether or not it will be approved.

According to Jornal de Negócios, the deputy considered that Mário Lino’s statements «show a series of contradictions with the available documentation and with other testimonies», which in his view justifies a new hearing.

One of the contradictions between the statements of the ex-minister and those of the president of Sonaecom is in the fulfillment of the counterparts that the operators should send to the programs under the e-initiatives.

Mário Lino had stated that the operators had already fulfilled the obligations assumed in this area. The president of the northern group said yesterday that if the e-school continues, Optimus will have another 70 million euros to spend.

«In the agreement that was signed with the Government, we mentioned that there could be an investment of up to 115 million euros. Under this program, less than 50 million euros of investment would have been made», said the manager, quoted by Diário Económico.

Ângelo Paupério also said that there was no other computer on the market, other than Magalhães, that met all the requirements defined for the e-school and that FCM is indebted to Optimus for 9 million euros, a value to which they have yet to be paid. interest added.

Today, the president of Vodafone, António Coimbra, is heard.