Screenshot do app Be My Eyes – Helping blind see

Be the eyes of a blind person the moment they need it with the Be My Eyes app

Just as there are projects of dubious taste in the App Store (applications that are completely useless but, for some unknown and questionable reason, are quite successful), there are others that deserve all the prominence possible. One of them Be My Eyes.

Be My Eyes - Helping blind see app icon

The service revolves around ordinary people helping the visually impaired at times that they see essential. Example: how does a blind person who is alone at home know if the milk in the refrigerator has passed its expiration date? the one that enters Be My Eyes (“Be My Eyes”, in literal translation).

In it, the person identifies himself as visually impaired or not. When a person who cannot see needs help, he enters the app and is automatically connected to a volunteer through a video chat. From then on, the volunteer becomes the eyes of the blind, helping in whatever way he can. In the case of the example above, the blind man shows the milk carton and the volunteer passes on the information.

The project is not for profit and open source (that is, anyone can contribute to making it even better). According to the official website, the app has more than 158 thousand volunteers who have already helped 15 thousand visually impaired more than 53 thousand times.

Beautiful thing, right?

(tip from Danilo Sanches Ferrari)