Be a Pokemn Master with Google Maps

Be a Pokemn Master with Google Maps

Tomorrow April 1st, so Google prepared a surprise: with an update of the Google Maps you can search and capture 150 pokmons scattered around the world; I'm already 49 in my Pokdex.

google maps pokedex

In fact, the joke goes a little further: whoever catches the 150 pokmons will be invited to Googleplex for a final battle by the post (and employment) of Pokmon Master. There is no information yet about the vacancy. Moreover, this is also an augmented reality experiment; The video below explains a little better (in English):

The Pokemon are spread over different terrains and cities, one tip: go to Googleplex on Maps, several are there. The 150 pokmons are not, as you might imagine, the first generation 150 pokmons, but a mix of all generations of pokmon already released. There is yet another important point here: this is the first interaction of Nintendo with the mobile market, and that may mean yes, we will have in the future s pokmons, but who knows Mario and Luigi, Zelda and Link and so many others present in our Andrides. Maybe a mix of Ingress with Pokmon wouldn't make life so much more fun …

A Pokmon on the left map and captured right. / Google

How many Pokemon have you got? Is there any bet on Nintendo's entry into the smartphone game market?

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