[BDI Responde] Questions and answers about Apple Watch in Brazil

That week we had several news related to the Apple Watch, and as much as we have written several explanatory articles, there are still many people confused and repeating the same questions.

To end this confusion, the iPhone Blog gathered the most common doubts, answering them all in one place, so that there is no more misunderstanding in relation to the news. Share this article with your friends and family who own an Apple Watch.

1. On which Apple Watch models can I activate the electrocardiogram (ECG)?

Watches purchased in Brazil for the time being cannot activate the ECG. The electrocardiogram function can only be released in countries where the regulatory health agency has allowed it. That is, to work in Brazil, Anvisa first needs to authorize. Apple has already made the request for analysis, but this takes time and there is no prediction of when we will have the ECG here.

With iOS 12.2, the ECG function can only be activated if the user is in person in an authorized country. Before 12.2, it was enough to buy the model from the USA and activate it in Brazil, but that is no longer allowed.

2. I already have the ECG activated on my American Watch. But if I now update my iPhone to iOS 12.2, will I lose the ECG?

If you simply update your iPhone (without restoring it from scratch), you can continue using the ECG as normal, because it is already active. However, if, for some reason, you have to pair the watch again, you will no longer be able to activate the ECG, as the geolocation is checked at the time of activation.

3. I already have ECG enabled on my Watch and use it normally in Brazil. But I had to change my iPhone. Will I still be able to use the ECG?

The Apple Watch is paired with a single iPhone. Therefore, if you need to change your cell phone, as a result you will have to re-pair with the new iPhone, needing to go through the ECG activation process again. And then, if you are not geographically in a qualified country, you will not be able to.

4. I bought my Watch in a country in Europe that already has ECG support. However, I am unable to activate the function in Brazil. Can that, Arnaldo?

It is precisely because you are in Brazil that it is not possible to activate the ECG. IOS 12.2 identifies where you are geographically, and if you are in a country where the ECG has not yet been authorized, you will not be able to activate the function. Even if you have purchased the device in France, Portugal, Spain or any other qualified device.

5. If I only update iOS on the iPhone and not the watch, does that influence the ECG?

Same thing as above. Whoever makes the geographic conference of where the user is is the Health app on iOS. Therefore, if you upgrade to iOS 12.2, it will be the one who will tell you, regardless of whether or not you updated watchOS on your watch.

6. I purchased my watch in the United States, but I am unable to enable the service to use my Vivo / Claro number on the Apple Watch. What can it be?

Apple Watch GPS + Cellular models purchased in the United States, Canada and Mexico are not (and probably never will be) compatible with Brazilian operators. Therefore, in these cases the option “Cellular” does not even appear in the Settings.

To enable Claro and Vivo’s SYNC service, the Watch must be the model sold in Brazil or from countries in Europe and Asia (models A2007 and A2008).

7. I have a Pre plan at Vivo / Claro and I am not able to enable SYNC on my Apple Watch. Is it bug?

It’s not a bug. It is that the two operators only provide the number synchronization service with Watch for customers of post plans, whose monthly fee is from R $ 119.90.

8. If I hand over my watch to someone who is traveling to a qualified country, will the person be able to enable the ECG to be used here in Brazil?

It is possible to do, if the watch was purchased in a country where the function is enabled. But for that she would also have to take her iPhone, as the activation is done in the iOS Health app, with the paired watch. It is a very laborious gambiarra.

If YOU go to one of the qualified countries and buy the watch there, you can activate the ECG before coming to Brazil and using it here.

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