[BDI Gameplay] Play check baggage with the Airport Scanner

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Those who travel a lot by plane know how boring it is for passengers to have to pass all their luggage on the X-ray machine before boarding. But have you ever wondered if you were on the other side, in charge of looking on the monitor what’s inside the bags? If you find it fun, then you should try the game Airport Scanner.

With this game (Universal format), you are an agent of the Federal Police who controls the luggage of passengers who board planes. You should use your X-ray machine to search for prohibited objects, which is not always easy, as they can be of different sizes and colors.

As you evolve, the difficulty increases, with several objects in the same suitcase, or luggage that hinder the scanner. As you earn more money (either with rare objects that you find and sell, or with fines from the “criminals” processes), you can buy more powerful equipment, which makes your job easier.

Check out some of the gameplay about the game:

The only thing is that it is all in English.

THE Airport Scanner is available on the App Store (link) for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. I paid $ 0.99 for it a few months ago, but today it comes out for free. So enjoy and guarantee yours. ?