[BDI Gameplay] Official game of the movie HOME: Boov Pop

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Anyone who loves animations should already know about the newest DreamWorks movie, called Every one in his house (the English title is HOME). And to take advantage of this, an official game for iPhone and iPad was launched, featuring the characters of the plot.

The dynamics are already known, in which the player must unite with his finger a certain number of balls of the same color and make them burst. The more points you get, with less movements, the more stars you get in the end, thus releasing other levels and characters.

HOME: Boov Pop! HOME: Boov Pop! HOME: Boov Pop!

The game, although casual, requires a good strategic notion to be able to burst the largest number of colors in the same play. As you progress through the levels, new elements are introduced, which can help or hinder the player. For example, there is the rainbow ball, which allows you to select more than one color in the same move, thus facilitating the greatest accumulation of points.

Check out a short video with the gameplay of the game:

It does not have advertising banners in the game, but it has the structure of a freemium, making it possible to buy coins with real money. Therefore, a warning makes it clear from the beginning for parents to block internal purchases if they do not want to risk children buying something with real money.

HOME: Boov Pop!

THE HOME: Boov Pop is free and can be downloaded from this link.