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[BDI Gameplay] Kingdom Rush game, for iPad

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Kingdom Rush is a game for iPad that deserves to be highlighted, due to the care with its graphics and great gameplay. He’s like one tower defense, in which you must prevent a certain number of enemies from reaching the end of the path.

Your mission in the game is to defend the kingdom from the most varied enemies. For this, you have 4 different types of soldiers: archers, gunners, knights and magicians, in addition to occasional reinforcements. The more you evolve in the game, the stronger they get.

Almost all upgrades of the game are made with stars that you acquire yourself during the evolution of it. With them, you can evolve your weapons or hire a hero with special characteristics to help you face enemies. You can only buy three of these heroes by paying for them ($ 0.99 each), which is a shame, since the game is not free.

For the rest, it is excellent and worth buying for those who like the style. Anyone who wants to train and see how it works up close can play the online version on their computer (it is flash and does not run on iOS devices) at this address. Or watch our brief gameplay, with scenes from the game:

THE Kingdom Rush is available for iPhone (link) or iPad (link) for the price of $ 2.99.