BCP customers are again targeted by phishing

بيتيا ، NotPetya ، GoldenEye.  لا يهم الاسم إلا أن الفيروس لا يزال يعيث فسادا

The BCP detected a new attack of phishing last Thursday.

As usual in this type of scheme, users receive a email which apparently comes from the Bank and which requests confirmation of an account through a fake Internet address.

Speaking to Diário Económico, the official source of BCP said that the bank has already contacted the authorities requesting that the page to which the emails was turned off.

Not being the first time that it is the target of this type of attacks, Millennium BCP has in its home page a message that warns against the existence of emails suspects, reminding customers of the safety standards they should use when accessing the bank’s website.

Among these rules we can distinguish the fact that customers are never asked for «elements of a private or confidential nature, via email messages».

Even if the attack had been successful in collecting information about the accounts, the security system used by BCP would not allow pirates to move them, the bank officials said.

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