BCP ATM machines validate deposits with image

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

The first Millennium BCP ATM machine is already installed, prepared to validate the deposit of notes and checks through the image of a set of 150 that the banking network intends to make available by the end of the year. The first ATM that validates image deposit operations in Portugal was installed at the branch of the Fonte Nova shopping center in Lisbon, the bank said in a statement sent to the press.

As a result of a project with SIBS, the new ATM will allow customers to make deposits directly at the machine, Ā«avoiding the need to use envelopes and ensuring the immediate accounting of deposited amounts, if the verification in the notes or checks is positiveĀ», he stresses Millennium BCP.

The validation operations available at the new ATM include the deposit of banknotes and checks in packs or individually, in the card account or in another account domiciled in the same bank as the card account.

The immediate credit in account, the speed and possibility of consulting the new balance, as well as the security and validation of deposited notes and checks are the main advantages pointed out by the Millennium BCP to the new system.

According to Millennium BCP, this is a strategic project within the scope of the so-called selfbanking that will allow you to decrease costs.

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