BBC wants to increase listeners to its radio broadcasts with add-on for digital music players

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Inspired by the success that MP3 has around the world, the BBC is planning to develop a plug-in which will act as a radio receiver for digital music players.

It is not yet defined whether the gadget it will be compatible with other devices, such as mobile phones, although the broadcaster wants to broadcast its digital broadcast to a wide and varied market, a motivation that supports the project.

The international press quotes a BBC spokesman who says it is the group’s duty «to make sure that the digital radio service is relevant to a market as large as that of MP3 players».

Without revealing any details about the partners in the development of the project, the BBC advances that this is an important step for the company and users, since they will be able to listen to radio «in their own way». As for the Apple collaboration cited by various media, the BBC says only that «it is pure speculation».

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