BBC to make full programs available on the Internet in 2006

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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is designing a new service that will make it possible downloads the Internet on its television and radio programs, putting the public network at an advantage over its private competitors and justifying public funding, revealed the BBC’s director general at the Edinburgh International Television Festival in Scotland.

Through the «MyBBC Player» system, all viewers who have a computer will be able to access the programs broadcast in the last seven days and download the episodes of their favorite series. «The main objective is to create great audiovisual content and offer it to the public in the most effective and convenient way possible,» said Mark Thompson, quoted by BBC News.

The BBC has been offering a variety of content online that have been received with great interest by users. In addition to this receptivity, there is also the Government’s decision to switch from analogue to digital broadcast, expected soon, along with what is happening in the European Union.

The «MyBBC Player» service, which has yet to be approved, will also broadcast live programs and give access to the archive, while allowing listening to radio broadcasts. According to statements by TV director Jana Bennett, the possibility of making the same content available on mobile phones is also being considered.

The BBC intends to make use of the new technologies in this way, not restricting itself to being a conventional television, as «each creative leader grapples with the question of what the new technologies and audience behavior mean for them and for their service» , added Mark Thompson.

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