BBC in partnership with YouTube to broadcast online content

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YouTube continues to add points in the dissemination of content online, this time through a new partnership. The most recent ally of the service acquired by Google is the British television channel BBC, which, through this agreement, now sees its programs broadcast to millions of users through the platform.

With this alliance, the British television network will distribute the content through three specific channels: one news and two entertainment. For the time being, only the BBC and BBC Worldwide channels are included, although BBC News will also be available later this year.

With this bet, the company estimates reaching a monthly audience of 70 million users on YouTube and increasing the number of visits to its site official.

Now available online some of the best-known BBC programs, such as David Attenborough’s documentaries. About thirty news videos broadcast by the station are also posted daily.

BBC Director-General Mark Thompson ensures that the partnership will be essential to reach new audiences, since YouTube has already become a key channel for users around the world, an opinion shared by Eric Schmidt, responsible for the network sharing.

The agreement provides for collaboration between the two companies over several years and guarantees British Broadcasting Corporation part of the advertising revenue from its space on YouTube.

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