BBB 2020 | How to block content about Big Brother Brasil

On Tuesday (21), another edition of the Big Brother Brazil. In its 20th edition, the “most famous house in the country”, as Globo itself claims, will bring for the first time the participation of anonymous and sub-celebrities – most of them influencers of the internet. While many people like to follow the reality show, others do not want to pass close to publications about the BBB 2020, either because they don't like it or to try to avoid spoilers of the program.

Now with the re-attraction, sites and social networks are filled with posts, comments and news about everything that happens in the most watched house in the country. Fortunately, it is possible to block any type of content related to the BBB, and thus avoid giving that basic peek. See below how to do this block.

bbb 2020

Before we list each site, it is important to note that, in most cases, it is most effective to manually block all words related to the subject. It is a lengthy process because it will be necessary to list term by term, including its variations. For example, you can list the following words: Big Brother Brazil, Big Brother, BigBrother, BBB, BBB20, #BBB, # BBB20, #RedeBBB and #BigBrother.

Another tip is to block words and expressions that are related to reality. Between them: wall, deleted, leader, proof of the angel, Big Phone, leader's proof, food tasting, reality, reality show, participants, among others.

Specific names also enter this wave. Starting with the BBB presenter, Tiago Leifert, but also of the other participants. This year, put on your list the names: Felipe, Babu, Flayslane, Bianca (and Boca Rosa), Gizelly, Gabriela (and Gabi), Guilherme, Pyong Lee, Hadson, Lucas, Manu Gavassi, Marcela, Mari, Thelma, Petrix , Victor and Rafa. And just in case, it's also worth adding the name of the former Big Brother Brasil presenter, Pedro Bial (or just Bial).

Ready. With all these lists done, we will now teach you some tips on how to block content related to BBB on all your social networks.

How to block everything about BBB on Twitter


It has been a while since Twitter has a feature for blocking words. With it, you select phrases, usernames, sentences, emojis and hashtags that will be silenced for a predetermined time (24 hours, 7 days or 30 days) or forever. When opting for this block, you will not receive notifications or emails, nor view any tweets every time there are quotes with the prohibited words.

Some important details: by silencing a word, you also block the hashtag of that word, it is not necessary to type them separately. To silence profile messages on the microblog, put the @ before the name. And word blocking works in both the web version and the Twitter app for smartphones, so you can do this on any platform.

To block everything about BBB on Twitter:

  1. Open it Settings;
  2. In the menu below your @, go to Content preferences;
  3. In the Security section, click Muted > Silenced words;
  4. To add new words, click on the +, at the top right.

This path is for both the web and mobile versions of Twitter.

How to block everything about BBB on Facebook

Facebook doesn't have a tool for blocking words, as it does on Twitter. However, some browser extensions do this job, and one of the most efficient is the Spoiler Protection 2.0, which prevents the display of words, videos and phrases from content previously blocked by you. What can dislike this plug-in is that, instead of hiding such content, it places huge red stripes over the words, which ends up leaving the visualization very confused and polluted.

Spoiler Protection 2.0 also works on Twitter, YouTube, Google results and some sites, but for these first two we recommend that you try to block using native or specific tools.

How to block everything about BBB on YouTube


With YouTube being one of Big Brother Brasil's main discussion platforms, nothing is more fair than an extension that blocks this however. The site itself does not offer any specific tools, but luckily there is a browser add-on called Video Blocker.

When activating the tool, all videos with keywords related to BBB will disappear from YouTube, without interfering with the design of the service. It works much like blocking words on Twitter, so you just put the sentences you want to silence. Video Blocker is available in versions for Google Chrome and Firefox.

How to block everything about BBB on Android


Most people are likely to follow Big Brother Brasil not only on TV, but also on their cell phone screen. The good news is that there are applications to block content related to the program on mobile devices as well.

Our recommendation for devices with the green robot system is Blocker Spoilers, from Invariante Labs. Totally free, the app has a very simple interface, and you just have to add the words you want to hide sentences that are related to Big Brother Brazil. You can still associate blocking with specific applications, which means that not all apps need to join this wave.

How to block everything about BBB on iOS


On the iPhone and iPad, users can use the Spoiler Block. It basically has the same function as Spoilers Blocker for Android: you enter the words you don't want to see and apply the block automatically. The bad part is that it is not possible to manage the lock for each application installed on your device, since all apps are silenced at once.