BB Ourocard customers can try Android Pay

BB Ourocard customers can try Android Pay

Banco do Brasil announced that Ourocard Visa card customers can now use Android Pay, a payment solution launched by Google.

For the Bank’s means of payment director, Rogério Panca, Android Pay adds to the range of payment services that BB already makes available to its customers today.

¬ęThe partnership with Google was built with a lot of dedication from our teams and will allow BB customers with Ourocard to try Android Pay for the first time in Brazil,¬Ľ he says.

¬ęThe agility and practicality that this technology offers improves the experience of our customers when making their card payments and contributes to further strengthen our strategy¬Ľ.

Customers will be able to pay for purchases of up to R $ 49.99 just by unlocking the device, without the need to open Android Pay. You will need to enter the password on the machine for purchases over this amount.

Android Pay is available for Android devices with KitKat (4.4) or newer versions. Card validation requires the App Ourocard installed on the device.