BB-8, the new Star Wars Droid, gets real mobile-controlled version



Star Wars fans will freak out: BB-8, the new droid from “Star Wars – The Force Awakens”, will be released in a real version that can be controlled by the smartphone, both by iOS and Android.

«BB-8 – it is as authentic as it is advanced,» says the official statement. «BB-8 has something different from any other robot – an adaptable personality that changes based on its interactions».

“BB-8 will show a range of expressions and even animate when you give voice commands. You can set it up to autonomously patrol or make your own adventure and guide the BB-8, in addition to creating and displaying holographic recordings ”.

The robot, which arrives on the American market licensed by Disney and Lucasfilms, will be launched at a price of $ 149 with a 60-minute battery capacity and wireless charging.