Battlefield V will have women in the war and that angered some players

Battlefield V will have women in the war and that angered some players

It seems that the fact that Battlefield V has women as protagonists and active participants in World War II bothered some players.

The first trailer for Battlefield V. The new game from one of the most famous shooter franchises is returning to Second World War. However, the new DICE title has a striking difference compared to the previous ones: effective participation of women in battles. Even though historically proven, this is displeasing some players.

After the trailer for promoting the game and the confirmation that it will include women in both story mode and multiplayer, some “fans” of the genre showed their dissatisfaction. However, this “dissatisfaction” ends up portraying a total lack of notion of history, as well as the veiled machismo of some.

Battlefield V will have women in the war and that angered some players

The #NotMyBattlefield machismo

Some players in the franchise have shown a complete lack of a sense of history. That’s because social networks were filled with «fans» of the game complaining about the «historical inaccuracy» of the game, according to them. However, this was not enough: they created the “#NotMyBattlefield” hastag to make the complaint.

Thus, the hashtag that criticizes the new Battlefield V at the Twitter it is full of users who complain about what they call “politically correct”. Some even threaten DICE by demanding that it fix the error, giving a realistic war experience.

However, this complete lack of awareness is not limited to Twitter alone. So, in other places like YouTube and the Battlefield V subreddit, users called the game “Genderfield V” and complained about “how they are screwing up what the men of World War II fought for”. Can you believe?

The claim problems

To begin with, we already have a problem with the fact that players think that Battlefield V, or any other modern shooting video game, has memorable historical accuracy. Even the franchise assassins Creed, which plays with different historical moments in the world, does not have this precision.

However, moving straight from this discussion, we have the historical fact that women fought in World War II! Be it in Air Force units known as the “night witches”, even secret agents like Nancy Wake.

Battlefield V will have women in the war and that angered some players

Besides that, Lyudmila Pavlichenko is hailed as the most successful sniper in history. The woman is still one of the best military snipers of all time, with no less than 309 deaths. Wanda Gertz, who was already active in World War I, commanded an all-female battalion in World War II.

Finally, we have the countless young women who have enlisted in combat roles around the world. This mistaken and totally ignorant reaction to historical facts is a continuation of what had already happened in Battlefield 1. At the time, DICE put a black man on the cover of the game. #NotMyBattlefield is more of the same reaction.

Battlefield V is scheduled to hit stores on October 19th. In addition, the game will have versions for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the official trailer released by DICE:

Source: TheVerge