BatteryBox is a great accessory for anyone who needs to recharge devices anywhere

BatteryBox is a great accessory for anyone who needs to recharge devices anywhere

We have already talked about several accessories created specifically to recharge iGadgets while we're on the move, like mophie's last batteries. But today I present one that, in addition to being able to recharge eight iPhones, also a hand on the wheel for MacBook owners! Meet the BatteryBox.

This is not just a normal battery, it is powered by BatteryOS, a new way to control rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that allows them to have a greater capacity and not degrade over time. This means that BatteryBox will last 3,000 full charge and discharge cycles, and still retain 96% of its capacity after 5 years.


As I said, the accessory is also very interesting for MacBook owners, but anyone who thinks that the box recharges these computers despite doing this with iGadgets and other devices. Speaking specifically of MacBooks, BatteryBox bypasses the notebook battery, directly feeding the computer, minimizing the number of cycles (and stress) of the internal battery. That is, as if your MacBook was without battery, connected directly to power.

BatteryBox charge illustration

We are talking about an accessory with an internal battery of 50Whr / 12,000mAh that of the iPhone 5s, for example, it has 5.92Wh / 1.560mAh. Therefore, she is capable of the feats below:

BatteryBox table

Very useful, right?

It is worth noting that the accessory battery takes about 9 hours to be 100% charged (or 4.5 hours for 80% recharge) via micro-USB input. The accessory has a USB port for charging devices, and is also compatible with MacBooks with MagSafe 2 connectors.

BatteryBox is on pre-sale for US $ 139 the freight cost to Brazil unfortunately does not appear in the purchase simulation and should be dispatched soon (until the middle of the year).

(via TechCrunch)