battery overheating issues are not over yet

Galaxy Note 7: battery overheating issues are not over yet

After all the turmoil over the Galaxy Note 7’s battery problems, Samsung seemed to have everything under control when it started making device changes in South Korea and the United States. But, it seems, the problem is not completely solved.

The Note 7’s battery problem has not gone completely unnoticed due not only to the brand and line’s notoriety, but also to the long wait and advertising around the device. After analyzing the situation intensively and identifying the Note 7 problem, Samsung recalled all the devices that had been distributed until September 2.

The new devices have already started to be relocated to the South Korean and US markets, and were due to start shipping in Europe on 28 September. However, some complaints about overheating and battery life remained even after the revision of the damaged models. They would be discharging abnormally in the new generation devices.

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Samsung’s infinite nightmare / © NextPit

The new complaints seemed limited to the South Korean market, but the newspaper The wall street journal reported that users in the United States would also be receiving defective products. And the cycle continues: Samsung admitted that some of the units shipped in the new batch would have defects, and that it will replace them.

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Despite the battery’s overheating, the manufacturer assured that the devices pose no danger to the safety of users and said that «under normal conditions, all devices may experience a change in temperature». Despite going through a little hell, Samsung seems to be taking each complaint very seriously, and treating each customer almost personally, looking for a solution to the problem.

So far, we are not sure about the number of cases identified with the battery overheating problem in this new batch of Galaxy Note 7. However, a representative at Samsung said that these were isolated cases.

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The iris scanner no longer looks as attractive when you are afraid of an explosion / © NextPit

These claims will not bring any benefit to the manufacturer, which, due to the Note 7 recall, has already spent more than $ 1 billion. Mainly, in the Chinese market, where competition is fierce, with manufacturers like Xiaomi, who just launched the Mi 5s.

We will have to wait for an official position from Samsung on the case which, it seems, is not close to being solved.

So, do you think this vicious circle will end? Do you think Samsung will be able to recover?