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Battery Monitor Widget | AndroidPIT

The worst case situation may be that you need to use your smartphone just as it is about to die because the battery is already in the scream. Much of the battery consumption is connected with some apps that are super energy eaters. We want to introduce you to an app that controls what and who uses up so much battery from your device. Your name: Battery Monitor Widget. Read the review below to learn more about it.

Functions & Usage

In fact, the Battery Monitor Widget is more than just a widget. It is a complete analysis instrument that shows all the information regarding your smartphone's battery and its use.

WidgetThe small 1×1 widget displays the most important information in a single space. It shows the current battery status in percent and the current discharge in mA. This is the default setting, which can of course be customized.

CalibrationManual calibration consists of even more accurate data. With this feature, you can request to specify the battery capacity and output voltage of the battery charger. These values ​​are automatically determined by the application, but in case of error, everything can be modified manually.

StatisticsFor those who love statistics, the Battery Monitor is what there is. The app displays everything, really everything that has to do with the battery. Whether the average consumption or the estimated time of when the phone should be charged, all displayed in statistical data. It is a very useful feature to estimate battery life using three scenarios. Total Average estimates battery life based on available data from when the app was installed. The Average Connect / Disconnect scenario brings data-based information after the last load cycle and Current Usage, based on the current load. In statistics, you may have information about the most energy-consuming applications.

HistoryThe story loses nothing of what happens on your phone. So you can get a perfect view of all your battery charging and discharging cycles. The data is displayed in a table at ten minute intervals.

Pro verseThere is a Pro version of the app with no banner ads and it also offers 2×1, 3×1 and 4×1 widgets. In addition, you can export data to System Tuner Pro and further manage the battery.

ConclusionBattery Monitor Widget is a complete package so you don't have a problem with the battery. If you want to have a nice widget on your mobile screen, you can customize it as you like. And if you want something more professional, there is even a Pro version.

Screen & Controls

The Battery Monitor Widget controls do not exactly match the ICS standard, but that does not make them any harder to use. The graphic layout of the widget is fully customizable. There are thirteen styles in all.

Speed ​​& Stability

The Battery Monitor Widget works smoothly and smoothly. Very low battery consumption by the app.

Price / Performance Ratio

The Battery Monitor Widget is available in our App Center and is the best: entirely free.