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Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) | AndroidPIT

When it comes to battery life, everything is in thorny terrain. And of course, to solve this almost self-conscious smartphone problem, there are apps to give and sell. The fact that we at AndroidPIT have been working hard to find the app that will make us forget about others. Maybe it's the case of Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) which, with its 800 positive comments on Google Play, deserves a review. And he is what you are already reading. So keep reading to see if it's as effective as so many positive reviews claim.

Functions & Usage

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) has three main features:

  • Saver: This feature helps the user get an idea of ​​the total time left on the phone in standby mode (statistics considering the battery in real time). Just click on the battery icon to get battery calibration information.
  • Consumption: In this option, the app analyzes the amount of energy used in different types of tasks (calls, Internet access, photo application usage, etc.) and summarizes the analysis in very simple to interpret informational graphs.
  • Customization: This option assists the user in changing the entire device settings system in order to extend battery life.

In addition to these features, Battery Doctor has many other options that offer the user a unique and fully customizable experience. All of them have the function of significantly extending the battery life of the device. For example, battery usage can be controlled every day thanks to the graphics and lists whose design is impeccable. Not to mention that the app brings optimization tips and keeps a written record of reloads.

Another cool feature: The app completely clears the device's memory each time the lock screen is displayed. It is possible to adjust certain parameters in order to protect certain applications from such cleaning. To do this, simply gather them into a whitelist. In our Galaxy Tab test, one of our colleagues even made sure that this feature attacked your smartphone battery. We did not come to verify this fact, however.

Among many options, it was quite interesting to use an alarm that informs the user about the moment the battery begins to reach its critical level of life. Finally, a widget automatically installed to make it easy to control the life of your battery.

Conclusion:Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) is easy to use, has formidable efficiency and, above all, has very interesting graphics. In fact, this last aspect caught our attention. The best this is a free app.

Screen & Controls

The Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) is easy to use thanks to its very didactic layout and its easy to view buttons and tabs. What caught our attention is that, despite being an app for much more functional purposes than entertainment, it still has an amazing graphic design.

Speed ​​& Stability

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) navigation is guaranteed without any slowdown. The app has stable performance and extreme fluidity.

Price / Performance Ratio

Most interesting of all this history know that an app like Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) can be downloaded for free from our App Center.

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