Battery developed by NEC charges devices in 30 seconds

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NEC developed a battery capable of charging in about 30 seconds. The new device is the result of a research project that the company has been developing since 2000, partially funded by Japan New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), and is compatible with RFID applications, for example. This type of applications can be charged with the new battery in extremely short periods of time, but in effect for several weeks, advances PC World.

According to Yoshimi Kubo, director of laboratories at NEC, the new equipment is a radical organic battery developed with more environmentally friendly material, does not measure more than 40 millimeters and in 30 seconds has the capacity to charge a battery to 80 percent of its capacity.

Prior to this, the company had developed an earlier version of the battery using the same technique, but with larger dimensions. This first battery, shown at the beginning of the year, was identified as a potential future source of energy for personal computers in emergency situations.

When NEC demonstrated this work, it set up a situation in which, within 15 seconds, the battery supplied enough power to a PC to keep all important data and make shut down under proper conditions after an unexpected power failure.

For now, NEC guarantees that it has no plans for the commercial production of the batteries – in either of the two versions shown – nor can it advance an estimate of how much the equipment could cost if it were to advance to the market.

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