Battery benchmark places the 4th generation iPad as the best among smartphones / tablets with iOS and Android

In December last year, Primate Labs updated its tool Geekbench for iOS and Android adding a new type of test focused on batteries.

Today, after a few months of data collection, she published a page compiling benchmarks of batteries. Here are the first 15 results:

Battery benchmark

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Incredibly 4th generation iPad who leads the ranking, with an average score of 5,473 and 09:07:46 of runtime. Second comes the iPad Air 2, with 5,273 and 08:47:26. Then we have the iPad Air, with 5,266 and 08:46:44. The biggest runtime in fact the 3rd generation iPad, 10:25:20; but his score is low, 2,617. THE iPhone 6 Plus appears in 14th place with 2,949 points and runtime 04:55:12.

According to Primate Labs, scores are computed based on the amount of work done while the test was running.

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