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Battered iPhone battery explodes during replacement process

While some accidents with iGadgets on fire are totally unexpected (and definitely a mistake), others may, to some extent, be “foreseen,” as in the following case.

On Reddit, a user shared a video from the moment he tried to replace a stuffed battery from an iPhone 5s that explodes under your face, in the United States.

In the images (below), you can see two employees working with different devices; One of them is fiddling with an iPhone 5s that has had its screen removed due to battery swelling when that component explodes on the desktop next to his face. Among the reasons for this has happened, the more likely he has punctured the faulty battery.

Replacement phone I got exploded in my face the other day. Luckily my work got it on video. from r / Wellthatsucks

After the initial scare, another mistake: he throws the device on the ground and tries to put out the fire with his shoe shut, which could have caused an even bigger accident. In such cases, it is best to dispose of the device in a sandbox, which prevents the spread of flames, and do not use anything that can ignite it.

Fortunately, neither employee was seriously injured, but that was close. According to one of the publication's comments, the del del ons batteries could burn at over 500C, meaning that the man could also have been injured while trying to put out the fire with his shoe.

The swelling is a problem that has long plagued deltio ons batteries. Basically, they expand as gases accumulate with the electrolytes (chemicals that allow electricity to flow between the cathode and the node of a battery), often caused by oxidation of the reservoir that holds these components, which for example. turn determined by battery overcharge.

In addition to iPhones, problems like this have also happened to several Apple Watches, especially second-generation ones, causing Ma to open a replacement program for these batteries.

via Cult of Mac