Batman Arkham Underworld is released for free for iPhone and iPad

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Warner launched last Thursday (14) on the App Store the game Batman: Arkham Underworld for iPhone and iPad. Presented with a free and exclusive download for the mobile platform, the game is another sequel to the game franchise of Bat Man. But this is not a game of good guys.

The story takes place before the events of Arkham Asylum in a Gotham full of street violence. In this pandemonium, players must choose a villain, build their own hideout, recruit henchmen and gain territory from other gangs on the streets of Gotham. But who can stop this party? Eventually, the player must confront Batman himself.

Batman-Arkham-Underworld1 Batman-Arkham-Underworld2

Available villains include Killer Croc, Harlequin, Charade, Straw man and Dr. Freeze. Each of them can take the story to a certain outcome. Ironically, the Joker is not present in the game. However, Batman’s biggest enemy may soon appear in app updates or in purchases in-app.

The game has integration with the Apple Watch so that the user can check purchases, meet recent goals and characters.

Batman: Arkham Underworld is available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.